Meet VitaCup’s Roasting Team

Our roasting team includes coffee professionals with generations of experience who are passionate about coffee and quality. Our sourcing team's long history in the business and strong relationships with the coffee farmers and producers mean higher quality and better taste for our customers. Our roasting team specializes in developing unique blend profiles in addition to functional beverages.  

Developing VitaCup Flavors

Our roasting team spent countless hours behind the coffee roasters and in the lab, meticulously creating a premium coffee product charged with the essential vitamins. We selected coffees from Honduras and Columbia for their medium acidity and floral and chocolate notes to deliver a flavorful experience. Additional beans were selected from Mexico and Brazil for their sumptuous yet light finish. The quality of coffee and roast ensures that these single serve coffees don’t sacrifice flavor for simplicity. 

How We Do It

  • Advanced Sampling in the Lab for QA
  • Latest Brewers in our Cupping Room for Compatibility
  • Blind Taste Tests for Flavor
  • Triple Head Grinder for Optimal Particle Size
  • Nitrogen Sealed Pods for Freshness

Responsible Manufacturing & Sourcing

In addition to great coffee beans and roasting, the VitaCup team has has worked with partners that help to drive innovation in the manufacturing process and the sourcing. After 6 months of research we were able to bring the ideal cup of vitamin infused coffee to market.  VitaCup is BPA free, 100% recyclable (unlike many other single serve pods), and dairy, soy and gluten free. Our coffee is roasted and packaged in a USDA accredited manufacturing facility located in Sunny San Diego!