5 Reasons Why 1,000’s Are Switching to Vitacup’s Low Acid Coffee

Lifelong coffee lovers are finally savoring their favorite cup of joe – without the nasty stomach pains, stained teeth or harmful toxins that have been around since the 80s! Here are the 5 reasons why Perfect Coffee is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

No More Heart Burn & Acid Reflux

Easy on Sensitive Teeth

Perfect Taste - 100% Arabica Beans


Thursday 12 May 2022

  • 1 Million+ Happy Customers

No Toxins, Chemical, or Pesticides

Mycotoxin-FREE (Less Mold)

1) No More Heartburn & Acid Reflux

Did you know… stomach issues CAN be avoided when you drink coffee? Unlike most coffee on the market (which contain additives & artificial ingredients),

Vitacup’s Perfect Coffee is a brilliantly-effective, unique low-acid formula that leaves customers feeling vibrant & free as a bird. Finally – say goodbye to stomach pains, bloating & heartburn.

2) Easy on Sensitive Teeth

Coffee is notorious for staining teeth, dulling that bright smile & even causing tooth decay (especially later in life).

Perfect Coffee’s low-acid complex leaves your teeth alone – helping you avoid teeth whiteners, dental visits, and that annoying “drink water at the same time as you drink coffee” advice that nobody wants to follow.

3) No Toxins, Chemicals or Pesticides

Look, the cat’s out of the bag – coffee lovers are finding out that most brews *loaded* with chemicals, pesticides & artificial ingredients Mycotoxin… are NOT fully safe to drink.

They’re labeled “safe” in small amounts – but consumed over & over again, every single day? You’re risking chronic inflammation, kidney disease and more – especially from Mycotoxin molding (commonly found on coffee beans).

Instead, Perfect Coffee gives you peace-of-mind knowing your favorite coffee has zero toxins — made with pure 100% USDA organic Arabica beans.

4) Packed with Antioxidants & Vitamins

Along with Perfect Coffee’s low-acid & non-toxic formula… it still contains all the healthy antioxidants & vitamins you want from coffee.

That includes the all-natural Chlorogenic Acid commonly found in fruits and vegetables – and widely known as an anti-diabetic, anti-obesity & anti-inflammatory compound (shown to potentially help prevent many chronic diseases).

5) Surprisingly-Rich Taste – 100% Arabic Beans

After drinking coffee for many years, you might be thinking – “It’s low acid & no chemicals, so what’s the catch? Bad taste?” – NOPE.

Hear it straight from our customers below - Vitacup’s Perfect Coffee tastes just as good as your favorite drink and better. Wake up excited & ready to jump out of bed every single morning… knowing your heavenly-smooth brew is ready to vitalize your taste buds.

  • 1 Million+ Happy Customers
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  • 1 Million+ Happy Customers
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Thursday 12 May 2022

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