Amidst the sea of single-serve pods out there, consider us the greenest! Each of our gourmet, and nutrient-packed single- serve pods are 100% recyclable.

With your help, we can reduce global waste! Recycling our pods is easy, just enjoy your delicious mug of superfood + vitamins, wait for the pod to cool, peel off the lid, then recycle.

Small Effort. Big Difference

  1. Cool: Allow the pod to cool so that you do not get burned.
  2. Peel: Peel off the metal lid, rinse, and put in recycling bin. Remove filter.
  3. Recycle: Dispose of our #5 plastic pod in the proper recycling stream.
  4. #5 Plastic:  Our biodegradable pods are forged from polypropylene #5 plastic, compliant with all recyclers.