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You'll love the natural energy with no jitters, no crash, no BS.
100% Natural
Savory Taste
Instant Mix
Supports Overall Wellness
Brain Fog
Anxious JItters
Sleepless Nights
Boring, Dull Flavor

Organic & So Delicious “Super-Nutrients”

Our Shroom Fuel Coffee Alternative combines 100% organic herbal superfoods praised for centuries. You'll love the feel of natural energy, mental clarity, and productivity.

Cacao + Theobromine

Theobromine (the alkaloid naturally found in Cacao) provides elite cognitive firepower – sparking all-day energy and focus. Paired w/ flavanol antioxidants from Cacao… this superfood packs a strong punch to “deactivate” brain fog and grogginess.

Cinnamon + Maca

These two organic super-nutrients combine to restore cognitive strength and improve mood. They’re great for multi-tasking your to-do list and overcoming those drowsy “ugh, I HARDLY slept last night” days.

Chaga + Lion’s Mane

Among the top echelons of brainfood are Changa and Lion’s Mane – 100% safe, nourishing fungi often praised in the bio-hacking community. Lion’s Mane has potent nootropic qualities to boost alertness, while Changa is adaptogenic to help reduce stress.

B Vitamin Complex

Notice a common theme here? Each ingredient synergistically combines to support elite mental sharpness, energy and overall wellness – exactly what Vitamin B1, B5, B6, B9, B12 are meant for.

How To Make Shroom Fuel


Sip, Energize, Restore

😌 Wellness Comes Before Energy
Without proper nourishment and overall health, no “golden ticket” supplement or remedy will do the trick. Herbal superfoods are uniquely-strong fusions that combat the #1 root cause of sluggishness: lack of nutrients.
🧠 Mental Nutrients
Nutrients for a balanced brain. Shroom Fuel helps replenish essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that can help reduce fatigue and promote deep focus.
☕ Sip Your Paradise
There’s no trade-off on taste and sensation. We prioritized flavor and consistency so you're getting a smooth and rich drink without causing an upset stomach or bad aftertaste.

So Why Switch to Shroom Fuel?

What You’re Getting:

  • Motivation & Vitality Boost
  • Energy, Sharpness & Alertness
  • 100% Pure, Organic Ingredients
  • Essential Nutrient Support

What You’re Not Getting:

  • Sketchy Ingredients
  • Fatigue and Sluggishness
  • Mid-Day Crashes & Brain Fog
  • Nasty “Just Down It Quick” Taste
I was skeptical about a coffee alternative that still gave me enough energy in the afternoon. But now I'm OBSESSED! It has a very mellow chocolate taste with cinnamon aroma. I notice a little energy boost that keeps me focused from 2pm-6pm without interrupting my wind-down routine or interfering with sleep. Sticks are also great for travel or long flights when I need to get work done. Try these - you won't regret it!!
Malia L.
I love the delicious chocolate richness and Shroom Fuel does not give you caffeine jitters!
If I could rate this higher I would. These are great. I add a little milk and it tastes like hot chocolate. I think these are my favorite (although I like a lot of the products). Very highly recommend if you like chocolate.
I love this mushroom coffee! It's great for the memory from the mushroom and the maca helps with mood, memory and balancing women's hormone levels and also energy from the vitamin B's. It tastes great too!! It's a keeper!!
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Love It or Your Money Back

Your purchase comes with a money-back guarantee. If Shroom Fuel doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund or replacement up to $40 within 3 days of purchase.