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Coffee Pods 64ct Variety Pack

Included in this bundle:

1 Box of Genius Coffee (16 ct.)
1 Box of Lightning Coffee (16 ct.)
1 Box of Slim Coffee (16 ct.)
1 Box of Beauty Coffee (16 ct.)

Your future is looking bright when you take care of yourself the right way. Our functional infused coffees support your healthy goals and helps make healthy decisions easier. Get the ingredients you want in the flavors that you crave and shine like the sun every day.

Genius Coffee is infused with MCT, cinnamon, turmeric, and essential vitamins to help support focus and energy. 

Lightning Coffee is infused with 2x’s the caffeine sourced from green coffee beans, vitamins and Alpinia Galanga for brain-hacking focus.

Beauty Coffee is infused with a collagen boost, biotin, folic acid, cinnamon, and vitamins to help support hair, skin and nails.

Slim Coffee is infused with Garcinia Cambogia, Panax Ginseng and vitamins to help support a healthy diet and metabolism.

The future is here with these innovative coffee blends that allow you to get more out of your morning cup of coffee. Whatever tomorrow brings, you’ll be ready with our four functional infused blends that will keep you full of energy and feeling resilient.

VitaCup pods are compatible Keurig© and other pod brewing systems.