Coffee Pods 40ct Variety Pack

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Coffee Pods 40ct Variety Pack

New to VitaCup or just love having options? This 40ct Coffee Pod Variety Pack is perfect for you Our nutrient-packed coffees are designed to nourish your body, enhance performance, and support a variety of wellness goals. With this best-selling bundle, you'll get to try our top-rated coffees! 

This bundle includes:

  • 5x Genius Pods
  • 5x Perfect Pods
  • 5x Slim Pods 
  • 5x Focus Pods
  • 4x Immunity Pods
  • 4x Energy Dark Pods
  • 4x Energy Light Pods  
  • 4x Lightning Pods
  • 4x Beauty Pods

On sale for the special price of $52.50 (originally $70). Limited time offer.

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Coffee Pods 40ct Variety Pack

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