Organic Genius Coffee Pods

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Organic Genius Coffee Pods

Boost energy and focus with our best-selling organic keto coffee! MCT oil, turmeric, and vitamins fuel your morning, and a hint of cinnamon provides a smooth finish.
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Organic Genius Coffee Pods

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Medium Dark Roast

Sweet Aroma

Silky Texture

Full Bodied

Cinnamon Notes

Elevated Benefits With Organic Genius

Brain Boosting Superfoods

Sip on keto-friendly nutrients and fuel for your brain for improved focus and clarity.

Strengthened Immunity

Each pod contains plant-based D3 and B vitamins to bolster mental and physical health.

Certified Organic

Our organic coffee is free of pesticides, reducing the risk of harmful chemical indigestion.

Not All Coffee Is Created Equal

Packaging Description:
Made with premium 100% organic Arabica beans, Genius superfood, and vitamin-infused coffee is custom crafted by our expert roastmasters and Registered Dietitian. Batch roasted, ground fresh, and sealed in individual pods to preserve aroma and flavor.

Transform your coffee experience. This rich, full-bodied brew will wow you with a subtle hint of cinnamon to wake the mind and senses. We infused a uniquely powerful blend of MCT oil, turmeric, and essential vitamins to support brain function and focus.


Best Tasting Organic Coffee

Our best-selling coffee now has the gold label of being certified organic. Each cup contains Fair Trade organic medium dark roast coffee enhanced with organic MCT oil, cinnamon, turmeric, and a powerhouse of vitamins.

Assist your body in breaking down fat into ketones and fuel with the help of MCT oil. Boost your daily dose of antioxidants with turmeric and cinnamon. Improve your energy and overall health with our specialty vitamin B and D3 blend.


USDA Organic

Fair Trade


100% Recyclable


Artificial Ingredients



FUEL YOUR BRILLIANCEOrganic, Infused Coffee

Our curation of 100% organic Arabica beans sourced from Honduras provides a deeply satisfying brew to help you conquer the day. Wake up with a delightful hint of cinnamon in this rich medium-dark roast coffee.

VitaCup Genius Gold organic coffee is dietician-formulated and packed with the nutrients your body needs to function at its best. Genius Gold Label is free from dairy, gluten, & soy, and it's vegan-approved!



  • MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a keto-friendly form of saturated fatty acid.
  • Aid in breaking down & turning fats into fuel while improving endurance.

Turmeric + Cinnamon

  • Curcumin, an active compound in turmeric, is linked to mood-boosting effects.
  • Aromatic cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant.

D3 + B Vitamins

Enhanced with our signature blend of vegan D3 & essential B vitamins (B1, B5, B6, B9, B12) to help strengthen the immune system.

Organic Coffee

  • USDA Certified Organic, 100% Arabica coffee for a clean, smooth cup.
  • Made without pesticides for a happier planet and a healthier gut.

A Formulated Blend For The Healthiest Pod

MCT OilBrain Blasting Fuel

Organic type C8 and C10 naturally derived from coconuts. Easily absorbed and broken down into ketones and replaces glucose for fuel.

Turmeric + CinnamonUltimate Antioxidant Duo

Organic ancient spices that enhance the coffee flavor and are packed with powerful antioxidants.

D3 + B VitaminsOnly The Best

Infused with our unique plant-based vitamin D and the essential B1, B5, B6, B9, B12. Both B12 and B9 are methylated forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coffee Fair Trade?

Yes! Genius Organic Coffee is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards by the Fair Trade organization. We are proud to contribute to the goal of achieving greater equity in international trade.

What is MCT?

MCT is a Medium Chain Triglyceride. MCT can assist with appetite control, brain function and supports endurance. It is a type of fuel for the body, and our MCT Oil is derived from Palm Oil that is made up of Caprylic acid (C8) and Capric acid (C10.) We source our MCT from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified suppliers in Malaysia and Indonesia to ensure that its cultivation does not contribute to the destruction of forests and peatlands and respects the rights of workers and local communities.


Does it make you smarter? How do you know it makes you a genius?

Genius Coffee does help with focus and energy, but it's not a substitute for studying and hard work. This coffee is not designed to actually raise the IQ of our customers, but it sure makes you feel smart to get all of these ingredients in one mouth watering cup!

What does Genius Coffee taste like?

Our Organic Genius is a well-balanced medium roast coffee with the cozy taste of cinnamon. The cinnamon is apparent when you take a sip, but it is not overwhelming.

How much caffeine does Genius Coffee contain?

Our coffee has approximately 110 mg of caffeine per serving. We recommend you drink no more than 4 cups per day.