Hydration Matcha Sample Pack

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Hydration Matcha Sample Pack

Experience the perfect pairing of matcha and hydration! Hydration Matcha Instant Sticks contain organic matcha, evaporated coconut water, Aquamin Mg®, and Himalayan pink mineral salt. Perfect for an energizing instant beverage, enjoy the health benefits of matcha and electrolyte-rich hydration in one delicious drink!

This nutrient-packed blend of Hydration, Matcha, Green Tea, Coconut Water, Magnesium, and Energy is the perfect detox for active lifestyles. Our blend helps you stay hydrated and energized, with essential vitamins and minerals for balanced well-being.

Hydration Matcha Sample Pack

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Matcha + Hydration = A Match Made In Heaven

Hydration Matcha Instant Sticks are the go-to beverage for matcha lovers who need an extra boost in hydration and potassium. Each packet of this specialty instant tea contains naturally-derived electrolytes and minerals from coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, and Aquamin Magnesium®. You’ll enjoy a gentle energy boost and full body replenishment.