Perfect Low Acid Ground Coffee

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Perfect Low Acid Ground Coffee

Wake up with a robust dark roast with hints of caramel and cocoa. You’ll love this low acid, chemical-free brew.

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Perfect Low Acid Ground Coffee

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Dark Roast

Bold Aroma

Smooth Texture


Slow Roasted

Not All Coffee Is Created Equal

Low Acid

Grown at high altitudes, our dark roast, low acid bean makes easy sipping for sensitive stomachs and teeth. 

Chemical Free

Free of harmful mycotoxins, chemicals, and pesticides, leaving behind only pure and robust fresh coffee.

Fair Trade & Organic

This organic coffee is made from sustainably sourced single-origin beans from Guatemalan farms.


VitaCup Perfect Coffee is ideal for everyday coffee drinkers, especially those with sensitive stomachs looking for a clean, pure brew with low acid. Sip easy knowing your gut health is in good hands.

Made with specialty 100% Arabica beans, Perfect Coffee is custom crafted by our expert roastmasters and Registered Dietitian. Slow roasted, ground fresh, and sealed in bags to preserve aroma and flavor. This rich, dark roast brew will wow you with its bold aroma to wake the mind and senses.

Transform your coffee experience with an elevated dark roast. Each serving contains chlorogenic acid antioxidants which are proven to protect and maintain overall cell health.



We went on a mission to find the perfect cup of coffee. Perfect Coffee is 3rd party lab tested and certified free from mycotoxins, chemicals, and pesticides. Smooth as silk, each delicious cup is packed with antioxidants.


USDA Organic

Fair Trade

3rd Party Lab Tested




Artificial Ingredients

High In FlavorLow In Acid

Bold and smooth, this full-bodied dark roast coffee is made from 100% USDA organic, dark roast Arabica beans. Due to the properties of dark roast beans, you can enjoy Perfect Coffee without sacrificing your gut or oral health.

Sourced from high-altitude farms in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and then through sustainable washing and drying techniques for the freshest taste in your cup.


Low Acid

  • Enjoy reduced heartburn & indigestion for coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs
  • Don’t be afraid to flash those pearly whites! Perfect Coffee is also teeth-friendly



  • Third-party lab tested to ensure each cup is mycotoxin & pesticide-free
  • Made without artificial ingredients or added flavors


  • Chlorogenic Acid antioxidants found in coffee are shown to protect & maintain overall cell health

100% Arabica Dark Roast

  • Smooth, chocolaty robust flavor from dark roast beans that are ground fresh
  • Fair Trade & Certified USDA Organic

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Perfect Coffee different from your other coffee products?

Perfect Coffee is just 100% coffee beans with no added vitamins or other superfood ingredients. We source this specialty-grade coffee bean from high-altitude farms in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. These specialty-grade coffee beans brew into a delicious and clean cup of coffee.

Is Perfect Coffee organic?

Yes, this coffee is certified organic through QAI.

What is a mycotoxin?

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that are produced by mold that has grown on coffee beans.

Since the coffee is low-acid, can I drink it on an empty stomach?

Everyone responds differently to drinking coffee, although most people should be able to tolerate drinking Perfect Coffee on an empty stomach. If you are sensitive to consuming coffee on an empty stomach or have experienced any digestive issues, try consuming it with food instead.

How many cups can you have each day?

We have no set limit for how many cups of coffee you can drink per day, however, the FDA has cited that about 4 cups per day or ~400mg of caffeine per day is considered to not have any negative effects.

How to Brew

French Press

6 ounces1.5-2 tbsp4-5 min

Pour Over

6 ounces1.5-2 tbsp2-4 min


6 ounces1-1.5 tbsp4-5 min


Single shot2 tbsp30 sec