Slim Protein Coffee Shake

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Slim Protein Coffee Shake

Slim Protein Coffee blends delicious coffee with nourishing protein, giving you a perfectly balanced coffee shake. It's meant to be made iced: Just mix 1 scoop with cold water, shake, and go! Slim Protein makes mornings both indulgent and beneficial for your fitness journey.

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Slim Protein Coffee Shake

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Medium Roast

Rich Coffee

Creamy Protein

Decadent Aroma

Smooth & Bold

Benefits of Daily Use

Great Coffee, Better Mornings

Crafted for quality and taste, Slim Protein Coffee is free of sugar and fake ingredients. Get only the best with every sip.

10g Protein for Fitness Fuel

Instantly add 10g of high-quality protein to your daily diet. High amounts of protein, especially in the morning, may lead to fewer hunger cravings, less snacking, and a healthier diet.

Convenience You Can Count On

Never worry about hitting your protein goals while you’re on the go. Stay fueled in an instant with the convenient, resealable bag. Perfect for planes, the gym, your office, and anywhere else you go!

Ready in Seconds!

Warm Protein Latte

Add 2 scoops (1 serving) to 8oz of warm water. Stir or froth until well mixed. Top off with your favorite creamer and sweetener to taste. Note: Slim Protein Coffee is not recommended with hot water, which can cause clumping due to the natural whey protein.

Iced Protein Latte

Add 2 scoops (1 serving) to 8oz of cold water. Stir or froth until well mixed. Add ice. Top off with your favorite creamer and sweetener to taste.

Blended Protein Shake

Add 2 scoops (1 serving) to your favorite protein shake or other favorite blended drink for a delicious, quick protein and energy boost!

Classic On-the-Go

On the go or short on time? Slim Protein Coffee was designed to fit your day, no matter how busy you get! Simply add 2 scoops (1 serving) to 8oz of water, mix and enjoy!