20 Brewers Of The Rich And Famous

20 Brewers Of The Rich And Famous

When you see celebrities and the “rich and famous,” you might think that you don’t have anything in common with them. You would actually be wrong. The one thing you have in common is your love for coffee!

Jerry Seinfeld said “I think the answer is we all need a little help, and the coffee's a little help with everything — social, energy, don't know what to do next, don't know how to start my day, don't know how to get through this afternoon, don't know how to stay alert. We want to do a lot of stuff. We’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”

Whether you’re on a farm in middle America, or in a high rise in New York, everyone loves starting their day with a fresh cup of joe. Now, there might be a difference in how you actually make your coffee. When you think of a good coffee maker, you don’t think of it being made of chrome or luxurious metals.

Check out these 20 brewers that will blow your single coffee pod brewer, out of the water!

  1. Breville Oracle Espresso Machine - $1,999

    This gorgeously designed, stainless steel machine is meant to deliver café style coffee with the touch of a button, without ever leaving your home. Unlike a manual espresso machine, the Oracle has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping, and milk texturing. Speed is also a big part of this hefty price tag. You can go from fresh beans to an unrivaled espresso in under a minute! 

  2. Krups® EA9010 Automatic Coffee Machine - $2,086
    The Krups EA9010 Automatic Coffee Machine.
    This coffee machine allows you to make 17 different coffee drinks at the touch of a button. It comes with automated settings for quantity, grinding finesse, and water temperature adjust according to the recipe of your choosing. You can also create up to eight different user profiles and save up to eight drinks per profile, for those who love to share coffee with their friends and family!

  3. JURA Automatic Coffee Machine - $4,599
    The Jura Automatic Coffee Machine is available primarily outside of the US.
    This brewer will be a little bit more difficult for you to get your hands on because it is made in Switzerland and is not sold in the United States yet. It features an extraction process technology to get the most out of your espresso bean aroma. This machine can make 21 different café drinks!

  4. Grindmaster-Cecilware Korinto 1/2 1 Hopper - $4,832
    The Grindmaster Cecilware Corinto brewer with a bean hopper.
    This espresso machine offers a professional level of performance with astounding drink quality and it’s very easy to use. It has a wide variety of drinks you can choose from. It is extremely user-friendly and even has a self-cleaning service. This machine can make espresso drinks and the coffee drinks you love!

  5. Bunn Sure Immersion Bean to Cup Coffee Brewer - $5,868
    The Bunn Sure Immersion brewer roasts and brews each cup for you.
    Bunn Sure Immersion Brewer can do it all! This machine makes both hot and cold drinks within seconds allows you to make your coffee drinks up to 64 oz. It has two separate three-pound coffee holders. The machine is so cool, it even cleans itself!

  6. Grindmaster Super-Automatic Espresso Brewer with Built-in Coffee Brewer - $7,823
    Grindmaster super-automatic espresso brewer with built in coffee maker.
    This brewer does it all from espresso shots, specialty coffee drinks or just a regular cup of coffee. It perfectly tamps, pre-infuses without the need for a trained barista. Flashing LED indicator lights and an easy-to-read LCD display guide the user through beverage selection and indicate the progress of the beverage preparation.

  7. Jura GIGA X7 Espresso Machine - $8,623
    The Jura X7 Superautomatic Professional espresso machine.
    This sleek coffee maker makes two café drinks at the same time! The Jura GIGA makes up to 28 different specialty café drinks with just a click of a button. It has a dual “thermoblock system” that heats the water to a perfect temp within seconds. It also can make your coffee at 5 different strengths!

  8. La Pavoni Commercial Lever Espresso Machine - $9,000
    The La Pavoni Commercial lever espresso machine.
    This beautiful red espresso maker is a machine like no other. It’s made in Milan and it can make up to 800 drinks a day! It’s equipped with the latest technology, such as thermal stability to the coffee groups. This ensures a constant temperature and pre-infusion of the coffee grounds, which allows for consistent, balanced shots of coffee.

  9. The Mina Espresso Machine - $10,000
    The dalla corte mina espresso machine.
    The Mina is for the real espresso fan that wants a beautiful machine with every tool in the book in order to pull a perfectly smooth and mold-breaking shot. You can create custom flow profiles for every single coffee you buy and go crazy with some manual controls every now and then.

  10. Clover Coffee Machine - $11,000
    The Clover coffee machine.
    This coffee machine might make only coffee, but it is some of the best coffee around. The Clover Coffee Machine combines French press and vacuum methods to produce a delicious cup. It makes only one cup at a time, but in doing that you get to select the brewing time and temperature to make the perfectly tailored cup of coffee for you. These machines are not mass produced, so If you order one, it was literally made just for you!

  11. Synesso Cyncra – $12,500
    The Synesso Cyncra espresso brewer.
    This beautiful machine is a barista favorite. It comes with three espresso shower heads, two steam wands, a hot water button, and an extremely sleek design. This handmade machine was designed over 10 years ago and you can find it in many upscale cafes.

  12. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Automatic 3 Group – $13,500
    The Nuova Simonelli semi-automatic Espresso machine.
    This is the world’s first ergonomically-certified coffee machine. It allows the barista to watch the coffee without bending down. It has tons of capabilities, like self-diagnosis, double counting, an energy-saving function, and cup-warming management. It also has a self-cleaning option for effortless cleanup.

  13. Concordia Integra 4 – $14,950
    The Concordia Integra 4 Coffee System
    This brewer might be a bit smaller than some of the other ones on this list, but don’t let that fool you. This machine can make up to 250 different types of drinks! With its patented Espress Jet flavor system, it infuses the flavored syrups right into the milk. It also gives you options to change the grinding of the bean, extraction, temperature, volume, and flavor profiles.

  14. Franke Evolution 1 Step – $18,000
    The Franke Evolution 1 step espresso machine and brewer.
    Franke Evolution is a very high-class automatic machine that can brew, grind, and steam the coffee. It has the feature of brewing almost 90 double shots of the espresso coffee in a single hour. This machine is popular in cafes, casual and fine restaurants, and hotels.

  15. Slayer Two Group Espresso Machine - $18,405
    The slayer two group espresso machine brewer.
    This powerful espresso machine is made in Seattle, Washington. It has a lot of awesome features! It comes with automatic shot lights to let you know when the brewing has started and when it is finished. Efficient, flexible bar flow is at the core of their design.

  16. The Siphon Bar – $20,000
    The Siphon Bar drip coffee brewer.
    No, it's not a chemistry set. You can find this beautiful one of a kind machine at San Francisco's Blue Bottle Café. Each coffee maker has two globes. Water vapor evaporates from the bottom globe into the higher globe to meet the grounds. The coffee is then stirred with a bamboo paddle, removed from the heat and siphoned back to the lower globe.

  17. Elektra Belle Epoque - $20,000
    The Elektra Belle Epoque coffee brewer.
    This Italian style espresso maker is truly one-of-a-kind. With its verticle development, its beauty is paired with functionality and reliability. The flair of its metal and molded design that has a retro charm gives it a distinct personality, ideal for resembling the choreography of fine-dining.

  18. Café X Coffee Robot - $25,000
    The Cafe X Coffee robot coffee brewer.
    When you think of a coffee or espresso brewer, you think of just a machine. Well, this is “Café X,” and it’s a robot! The automated system that was invented ensures precision, consistency, and quality, and kills any margin of error. The inventor believes his business has the potential to offer better coffee for a lower price and to redefine amenities in offices and publicly accessible space.

  19. La Marzocco Strada EP Commercial Espresso Machine - $26,500
    La Marzocco Strada EP Commercial Espresso maker.
    If you love your espresso shots (and have an extra $26,500 laying around,) this is the machine for you! This machine can make up to 100 shots of espresso an hour. It comes with individual coffee boilers, so each wand can make separate drinks at different temperatures. It also comes with an articulating steam wand, to make sure your drink comes out just right.

  20. The Javabot Coffee Machine - $1,000,000
    The Javabot Coffee Machine and brewer.
    This machine is a dream come true for coffee lovers. A patented Roasting Plant invention, Javabot first holds beans in multiple clear storage columns. When it’s time for roasting, the beans are automatically measured out by weight and then “whooshed” into the roaster via bursts of air through clear tubes. Once the beans are roasted, they are blown back into the columns where they rest for no more than 48 hours, giving the flavors a chance to mature without decaying. Then they’re dispensed in first-in-first-out order into their brewer or their retail bags. You can find this piece of art in New York!


Good grief, Look at the bills I can pay for the money you want for a coffee machine. Really???
Little over the top don’t ya think.


I am positively addicted to the Genius Blend.. So happy you’re now offering it in a 12 oz bag. Love this stuff. Can’t start my day without it.

Audrey Perkinson

I absolutely LOVE your Genius Blend. It’s the only coffee I want now. It’s made in my simple Cuisinart Pod Brew Machine and it is fabulous. But I have to say I would love to brew my new “bagged Genius Blend” coffee grounds in that amazing looking Siphon Bar!!! But….I’m not sure it would taste any better, but it sure would look delicious:)


I’m loving the Genius Blend bag, hoping to get some other varieties in bags soon.

Patty Warnock

wow who has that sort of money, nice machines


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