Why So Tired? 5 Reasons For Chronic Fatigue

Why So Tired? 5 Reasons For Chronic Fatigue

Are you feeling tired all the time? Well, you are not the only one. Many Americans are plagued by overwhelming feelings of fatigue several days a week. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep may seem like the obvious remedy, but there may be other factors at play. 

According to the National Safety Council, 43% of Americans admit they are too tired to properly function at work. Whether the issue is a lack of sleep or other deficiencies, fatigue plagues almost half of Americans.

There are many culprits that may lead to excessive feelings of habitual fatigue - despite your best efforts to stay alert. Here are a few possible reasons for your tiredness along with several solutions. 

  1. A Sedentary Lifestyle

Working at an office and or from the comfort of your own home is great! But can often lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. Research suggests that a sedentary lifestyle can heavily contribute to feelings of drowsiness. Many are of the thought that lounging can help conserve energy but it can just leave you feeling depleted.

Solution: Make Time To Move Around

It’s fun to veg out and binge your favorite show. But try getting up once an hour for a stretch or a walk around the house to keep your body feeling refreshed. Physical activity will keep you alert and give you a boost of energy and endorphins which will leave you feeling happy and alert. 

  1. Dehydration

Don’t let thirst get the best of you! Dehydration plays a large factor in feeling fatigued. Our bodies run on water and can not function at its best without it. In addition to feeling tired, symptoms of dehydration include diarrhea, vomiting, and sweating profusely. 

Solution: Drink Up

Are you drinking enough water? It is suggested that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day to function at our best. Try carrying around a reusable water bottle to help you stay on track. This will not only help fight fatigue but is great for your overall health.

Ok, so you're not a fan of drinking plain old water? That’s ok. Trying remixing this classic drink by adding fruits like lemon, or cucumber. Still not your jam? Try opting for superfood and vitamin-infused beverages like VitaCup’s Genius Black Chai Tea. It’s infused with MCT, turmeric, cinnamon, allspice, and essential vitamins in every cup. 

  1. You’re Feeling Stressed

Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed can drain you in a wealth of ways. The most poignant of which is feeling unimaginable waves of fatigue. Stress can affect your body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior, which left unchecked can lead to many health problems. But you’re not alone.

Solution: Stress-Busting Activities

Practicing yoga, taking walks, and meditation can help combat stress levels and keep you on your toes. Spend time doing things you love and allow yourself to be replenished. Another stress-busting secret is De-Stress Tea. A calming elixir of lavender, valerian root, and L-theanine. It is a caffeine-free herbal blend of chamomile and rooibos, with notes of peppermint.

  1. Subpar Sleep...

Not all sleep is created equal. You may be getting 8-10 hours of sleep, but what kind of sleep? Some people find that they feel fatigued, irritable, and stressed after a full night's rest. Which can lead to delayed motor skills, and less than perfect performance in school and work. 

Solution: Have A Sleep Routine

Quality of sleep directly affects your body and daily performance. Waking up in the middle of the night, and or interrupting your REM cycle can be more detrimental than you think. Stay on top of your sleep schedule and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. 

If you find it difficult to get to sleep, try implementing a pre-bedtime routine with relaxing activities like reading a book, drinking a relaxing tea, and other activities that can help ease your body and mind. Try avoiding alcohol and tobacco before bed, because they can affect your sleep quality as well.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to nap. If you are limited on time, try a coffee nap. It will leave you feeling rested, alert, and ready for work.

  1. An Unbalanced Diet

If your diet lacks a balance of vitamins and minerals, this can also lead to extreme fatigue. Did you know that according to Mercy Medical Center, 42% of Americans are deficient in at least one vitamin? Other populations showcase higher levels of deficiencies. Vitamin deficiency has been linked to mood swings, depression, lack of energy, and more. Furthermore, a deity of too many sugars, processed foods, and fats can greatly affect your fatigue.

Solutions: Level Up On Vitamins + Superfoods

Lacking certain vitamins like B12 and vitamin D can leave you feeling drowsy. Try getting some extra sunshine or over the counter B12 supplements for an energy boost. Incorporate superfoods into your diet as well as healthy fats to keep you on the up and up. Or try the best of both worlds with VitaCups' superfood + vitamin-infused coffees and teas for a boost of energy, nutrients, and gourmet flavor. Like Lightning Blend, a robust dark roast infused with Alpinia galanga for maximum focus and alertness.

All in all, feeling tired is no fun. We hope that our list of remedies has shed some light on some serious fatigue feeders. If you have tried all of the aforementioned solutions, we suggest that you schedule time with a medical professional to assess your quality of sleep, vitamin levels, and overall lifestyle.

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