5 Unexpectedly Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5 Unexpectedly Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner and getting your mom something that shows her how much you love and appreciate her (let alone something she will actually want and use) is no easy task! This year, we recommend stepping outside the norm and focusing on the feeling behind the gift that will make mom feel most adored. No one knows mom better than you and by starting with the emotion you want mom to feel most will lead you to the most perfect gift possible.

The following list contains ideas that can be used by kids of any age, with budgets spanning from “nada” to “money is no object...” (which also makes it perfect for small kids!) Remember, the idea is to start with the feeling and end with the gift that emotes that. 

These are our top 5 things we think mom wants to feel this Mother’s Day, along with a gift idea to match:

Relaxation: Spa day or candlelit bath

Spa Days or a Candlelit Bath are perfect mother's day gifts!
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Being a mom is tiring, busy, and draining sometimes (no matter how much moms love their kids.) Being sent off to a day spa for some R&R is the perfect way to rejuvenate and is a great way to give mom a day to recharge with a massage, facial, sauna, and steam room. If it’s an option, going with your mom to the spa is even better! If a gift certificate isn’t in the cards for you, drawing a warm bath with candles, essential oils, her favorite book, and some spa music will do just the trick!

Help: Breakfast in bed and/or cleaning the house

Breakfast in bed is a great treat for mom on Mother's day!

Every morning mom makes lunches, picks up clothes off the floor, makes dinner, does the laundry, and so much more we don’t even know about! One thing mom would never turn down on Mother’s Day? ...a day OFF of house duties. Wake her up with a breakfast made by you, tidy up the house, take care of the laundry, and hey…. maybe even throw in a car wash while you’re at it! This gift is free and will mean the world to your mom.

Energy: Coffee bundle

A brewer bundle from VitaCup is a great way to get mom on the road to bright mornings this mother's day!

Moms run on coffee (or tea.) For busy moms, always on the go, the gift of caffeine is always appreciated. Sometimes the amount of tasks in a day can seem overwhelming, but moms energized with their favorite cup can take on the world (especially when it’s infused with a blend of daily essential vitamins!) Vitalize mom with Mother’s Day bundles from VitaCup, which include various brewers, coffee and tea flavors, and gift certificates! Coffee pods bundles dedicated specifically to a holiday celebrating moms? What could be better than that?!

Comfort: Luxury robe or sheets

Fresh new sheets can be a great gift for mom this Mother's Day!

Rested moms are happy moms...didn’t you know? Because our moms love us so much, they usually end up buying nice things for themselves last...or sadly, never. When is the last time your mom got herself a brand new pair of unbelievably luxurious sheets, or wrapped herself in the softest robe known to man? Probably before you were born. The materials used at Home by Jennifer Adams are unparalleled in softness and quality and are scientifically proven to create a better sleep. If you’re able to splurge and want to make sure it’s worthwhile, these are the best luxury option!

Acknowledgement: A handwritten card or poem

A handwritten note is one of the best gifts for mom this Mother's Day!
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Last, but certainly not least, in terms of importance and impact: something directly from the heart. Never underestimate the meaning of actually taking the time to tell your mom how much she means to you and how appreciated all the little things are that she thinks go unnoticed. From a poem to a card, to a list of reasons you appreciate her, anything thought out and written by you will bring a tear to her eyes. This option won’t cost a thing, but will be remembered for years to come (Pro Tip: this is great for the little ones! You never know what they will write, as you can see from the one we found above…)

No matter what you give or gift to mom this year, starting from the feeling you want to evoke is always a winner. Just imagine your mom’s face when she receives her gift and the joy it will bring her to know how much thought and love went into thinking it up or creating it! This post is dedicated to all the moms we love and admire - you make the world go ‘round <3

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