Coffee, our one true love and our favorite Valentine.

8 Times Coffee Proved It Was Your One True Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, so why not spend a moment reflecting on all the times that coffee has been there for us when our other Valentines might not have been. Relationships are nice and all... but have you ever had coffee? On this day of love, let us take a minute to rejoice in all the times that coffee was there for us when we needed it most.

1. All the late nights studying when coffee was your only friend.

2. When you were feeling down because everyone knows coffee is the best sadness remedy.


3. When you didn’t know where to meet to catch up with a friend and your local coffee shop always had a friendly atmosphere and delicious drinks waiting for you.

4. On those days you just needed to drink the whole pot to get through the day.


5. When getting out of bed seemed like an impossible task, but you knew coffee would hold your hand through the day ahead.


6. When Coffee helped you get through the work day. Not once, not twice, but always and forever <3

7. When you dreamed that coffee IVs were a real thing… and well yes we know this isn’t a time coffee came to your rescue but it’s an important idea to touch on just in case.


8. At the end of the day, coffee will always be our one true love, because...well, coffee.



So, thank you coffee! Thank you for always being there and for tasting so good and for making us behave more nicely, even in the morning hours. We dedicate this Valentine’s Day to you, because no matter who we love, they’ll never compare to the love we have for you!


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