Celebrate National Lipstick Day

Celebrate National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day hasn't been around for a long time, but lipstick has! Whether you love a nude lip or a bold, bright red, most everyone loves lipstick.

Several studies show that those we are regular lipstick wearers have a better posture and higher confidence. Wearers ages 65-85 have been shown to have significantly fewer problems with their posture and balance. Whoever would have thought that lipstick could be a form of yoga?

History of Lipstick

4000 BCE - Lipstick invented

  • Ancient Sumerians made lipstick out of crushed gemstones to give their lips a shimmery look

14th Century BCE - Solid Lipsticks invented

  • Perfumed sticks were pressed into molds

Roman Empire - worn by men and women

  • Used to show class but as the lipsticks at the time contained a lot of mercury beauty was a pain. The lower class used red wine to stain their lips instead

618 CE - Beeswax lipstick created

  • During the Tang dynasty, they even added scented oils

16th Century - Red Lipstick popularized

  • Queen Elizabeth or one of her handmaid's invented the lip pencil
  • Queen Elizabeth popularized the white face and red lipstick to a point where red lipstick was sometimes used as a currency

1770 - British Parliament Banned

  • Lipstick was viewed as an attempt to trick men into marriage and likened it to witchcraft
  • Some U.S. colonies allowed for the annulment of a marriage if the woman wore lipstick during the courtship as it was viewed and trickery

1884 - First commercial Lipstick sold

  • Guerlain, a French cosmetic company, still making makeup today, started to manufacture and sell the classic lipstick. It was covered in silk paper and made from deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax

2010's - Matte Lipstick Popularized

  • Matte lipstick = no lipstick on your coffee cup

2011 - Procter and Gamble study in partnership with Harvard and Boston University

  • This study found that those we wore lipstick were viewed as being more confident and reliable

Lipstick has evolved so why wouldn't your coffee? Get your coffee and your vitamins at the same time. All you need to be successful this National Lipstick Day is caffeine and confidence - lipstick confidence.

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