Keto Dieters' Secret Weapon: 5 Ways to Keto your Coffee
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Keto Dieters' Secret Weapon: 5 Ways to Keto your Coffee

Focused on wellness in 2020? We feel that. A great way to regulate and reset your system is with the Ketogenic Diet. Adopting the keto diet is quite the lifestyle change, but finding your go-to keto coffee is a great place to start! The beginning may seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Planning out keto drinks and meals can take some time. Can you drink coffee while on the keto diet? Absolutely. Here are a few keto coffee ideas to get you started. 

What is the keto diet?

The Ketogenic Diet, (typically addressed by its nickname, the "keto diet") is a high fat, low carb lifestyle that is a radical difference from the standard American diet. The aim of this diet is to place your body into a state of ketosis, which occurs when your body begins to burn fat to use it as energy. Common ingredients in the keto diet are almond flour, cocoa powder, avocado MCT oil, and so much more. Reaching ketosis is easy when you follow the ketogenic diet precisely. This involves calculating the macro and micro-nutrients that your body needs, through a formula that involves body measurements and level of activity. Once you know your micro's and macros you can then go forth and create the mouth-watering keto recipes that will help you reach ketosis. Interested?  

#1 Black Coffee

Simply, brew a mug of your favorite brew and you’re done. Black coffee is the perfect solution if you’re on the go, but still want to stay on track. This is technically keto-compliant because it has zero carbs. But you can also take it a step further by choosing an infused coffee like the Genius Blend. Genius is infused with powerhouse keto ingredients like MCT oil, turmeric, cinnamon, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. Take a step closer to ketosis with every sip of the Genius Blend. 

#2 Fat Coffee

The key to the keto diet is balancing the perfect amount of fat and carbs. Kickstart your day with a healthy amount of fats to fuel you through the morning by adding butter, MCT oil, and salt. MCT Oil stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid that has been said to have numerous health benefits, ranging from improved cognitive function to weight management. "Fat coffee" is one of the most popular go-to morning grabs for keto dieters. 

How to:
1. Simply brew a pot of coffee as you normally would.
2. Mix coffee, butter, MCT oil (and salt & cinnamon if using) into a blender
3. Blend until smooth and serve hot

Save time and ingredients in the morning by reaching for the Genius Blend, which already comes with MCT and cinnamon inside!

#3 Creamy Keto Coffee

The key to this delicious keto-friendly coffee is heavy cream. Heavy cream is a great creamer alternative to add the necessary fats to your diet. Use as much heavy cream as you’d like (instead of half and half). To avoid dairy, try using any nut milk of your choice, instead.  Always use a keto-approved sweetener of choice to doctor it to your liking. This creamy keto coffee, like the "fat coffee," gives you the boost of fat your body needs to burn energy and bring you closer to ketosis.

Genius Blend Coffee

#4: Meal Replacement Coffee

Transform your morning coffee into a complete breakfast by creating a filling meal replacement shake. This shake consists of coffee and a mix of healthy fats and minimal carbs to keep you energized and keto-compliant. 


1 cup of coffee
2 cups unsweetened coconut/almond milk
3 tbsp heavy whipping cream (or coconut cream)
1 tbsp avocado oil
1 scoop low-carb protein powder (ex: any Isopure flavor)
10 drops liquid stevia
Ice as preferred (for thickness, optional)
1/8 tsp xanthan gum (for thickness, optional)
Blend the above ingredients & enjoy

#5: Ketogenic Coffee with MCTs or Butter

Short on time? Simply add MCT to your coffee for an immediate fat boost that easily bypasses your digestive system and goes directly to your liver to produce the ketones you need, to bring you closer to ketosis. Simply one tablespoon of MCT can do the trick. Looking for an even faster way? We recommend Genius Blend instant coffee - it can be mixed with 6oz of hot or cold water and gives a boost of MCT oil, turmeric, and cinnamon in 30-seconds to start your keto day the right way. 

Switching to the keto lifestyle can help you lose weight when followed correctly. Use the above keto-approved coffee recipes to get start your day focused, energized, and fat-filled. With these fast and easy beverages, you will have more time to craft your keto meals. If you're looking for an easy keto recipe to go with your coffee, check out our keto green eggs and ham recipe!



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