8 Ways To Make Holiday Guests Feel Completely At Home

8 Ways To Make Holiday Guests Feel Completely At Home

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful, busy, and hectic, but when you’re heading to someone’s home whom you love, it makes it all worth it. Guests who are traveling, no matter the distance, should be shown a little TLC when they enter your home. The following tips don’t take much effort but go a long way toward showing your holiday guests how much you care for them. They are also good rules of thumb for hosting in general and making sure your loved ones feel totally at home, even though they’re not.

  • Dedicated Space
    When staying in someone else’s home, we already don’t feel 100% comfortable, as we know we’re in another person’s space. Even when it’s a family member’s home, it feels nice to know that you have a little bit of space just for yourself (and your spouse). Whether it’s a dedicated guest room or even a special nook in the living room that has been made up with a blow-up mattress, creating a dedicated space for your guest will show them they can make themselves at home.

  • Soft Sheets & Pillows
    Make sure to make the guest bed with the softest sheets and pillows you’re able to find. You want to make sure your guests feel comfortable and sleep well because waking up with people who are grouchy from not sleeping their best takes away from the fun of the holidays! Putting out two pillows per person is a good rule of thumb for how to stack the bed.

  • Toiletries
    The forgotten toothbrush or feminine product is a common thing when traveling. Putting together a small “care package” for your guests will make them feel so much better, as they won’t have to bother you if they forgot to pack something. Display a little box with an unwrapped toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, feminine products, Q-tips, and anything else you have on hand. Double check to make sure the guest restroom is stocked with towels, washcloths, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (not a bar of soap, as no one wants to use a group soap bar when they shower).

  • Healthy Coffee
    Nothing says cozy and warm like a nice cup of joe. Show your guests you care by setting out your best coffee choices by the brewer. VitaCup’s infused coffees and teas create the perfect morning treat by allowing your guest to choose a blend that suite their needs and makes them feel they’re starting their day on a positive, healthy note. From the keto-lover to the beauty junkie, VitaCup has you covered for delighting your guest first thing in the morning!

  • Night & Morning Snacks
    Different time zones or different schedules; whatever the reason, sometimes your guests may be hungry or “snacky” at a different time than you are. Save your guests the trouble of having to ask you or sneaking into the pantry late night. Set out a small box of sweet and salty snacks (along with bottles of water) on the nightstand. Your loved ones will thank you for keeping their tummies satisfied.

  • Wifi Code
    This one goes without saying. No one wants to be trapped in a house without the wifi info. You can make this cute by putting the wifi name and password in a picture frame to turn it into guest room decor, or simply write it on a piece of paper and fold it into a tent near their bedside so they can see it before they even have to ask!

  • Phone Charger
    How many times have we all forgotten a phone charger, or are so tired from traveling that getting the charger out of the suitcase is a chore? Having an extra cord plugged in by the guest bed is a totally easy touch that your guest will definitely appreciate.

  • TV, Books, Magazines
    Try to have some form of evening entertainment for your guest in case they aren’t ready for bed when you are. Most people have their phones to turn to if they get desperate, but many would appreciate a TV, a light-hearted or funny book, or even a couple magazines to browse to get them into sleeping mode. Another easy option is a crossword puzzle or sudoku book!
All of these options are not completely necessary for your guests when they come into town, but they will most certainly be appreciated. Some of these tips are super simple touches, but they show love and effort for your guest’s comfort and will have them giving you the host of the year award!

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