Tips to Survive a Long Winter

Tips to Survive a Long Winter

Polar vortexes, bomb cyclones, harsh cold fronts and punishing ice storms can make it feel like winter will never end. While we can't make our own weather, we do have a few tips on how you can make it through the brutal cold season with grace! Here are the top tips for enduring to the end of the season from the winter warriors at VitaCup that sure to help you make it through with a smile. 

  1.  Layer Up
    While it might be frigid outside; it's guaranteed to be almost a furnace in any other building you enter

  2. Move It, Move It, Move It.
    Do a warming yoga practice to keep the fire in your heart burning and counter the cold. Go jogging or dance to your favorite tunes - anything to keep the endorphins flowing. 

  3. Eat Warm Foods
    Comfort foods like chicken noodle soup, or even something spicy like curry, can help you feel cozy and help you thaw from that bone deep cold. 

  4. Go Outside
    I know it seems awful to be in the cold, but if it is safe and accessible to go outside, give it a try. Going for a walk in a snow covered park can be rather breathtaking!

  5. Update the Inside
    Since winter can make it almost impossible to go outside, you can take some time to make your environment as cozy as possible.  Update your abode with new throw pillows, area rugs, or lighting to bring new life into a room. Light a fire, drink some VitaCup, and relax. 

  6. Indulge Your Interests
    This can be a great time to learn a new hobby or pick up a new book that you'd like to get lost in. If the roads are treacherous or closed, stay at home and learn something new. 

  7. Get Your Vitamins
    Getting your vitamins can be super hard when going outside isn't fun and when trekking out to the store for supplies is a full-on Arctic adventure. Since shorter days mean less vitamin D you can make sure you get your vitamins and get them delivered to your door with VitaCup!

  8. See Your Friends
    Making the effort to get out and see your friends will definitely help with the cabin fever that comes with being pent up inside during the frigid winter months. 


What are your favorite ways to survive a hard winter?  Leave us a comment about it below. 


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