VitaCup Gives Back with Vitamin Angels

VitaCup Gives Back - Vitamin Angels and Oral Cancer Foundation

VitaCup Gives Back 

VitaCup believes that, as part of running a responsible company, we should give back to our global communities. This is why a percentage of VitaCup profits will directly be donated to Vitamin Angels. We are also excited to announce a VitaCup contributions to the Oral Cancer Foundation working to educate, support research and prevent the incidence of oral cancer. 

Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels charity was a charity that we kept hearing about from our friends and colleagues.  Our team looked at what they were doing in the community and were inspired.  We already understood the negative impacts on vitamin deficiencies on American adults. We started to think about what would happen to developing children who have nutritional obstacles and who aren't able to get the essential vitamins that help them develop into strong, healthy adults.  That's why we decided to look at Vitamin Angels more.

Vitamin Angels helps malnourished children receive the vitamins they need to survive. In developing countries undernourishment is the leading cause of death among children and many of the chronic ailments associated with undernourishment can be reduced or eliminated through the administration of vitamin supplements.

VitaCup donates proceeds from our profits to the Vitamin Angels charitable organization. Vitamin Angels helps spread awareness regarding vitamin deficiencies in countries or communities where nutritional education is less accessible. We are proud to be helping provide vitamins to children as well as prenatal vitamins for mothers to deliver healthy babies and reduce morbidity rates. Undernourishment is the number one cause of death in children in the world. Having enough vitamins through food and supplements is also especially important for pregnant women. If women have the right amount of nutrition during pregnancy they are less likely to develop pregnancy complications and the babies are born healthier and more resilient in their most vulnerable time of development. Vitamin Angels provides educational information to mothers regarding the importance of vitamins for their children and educate women about the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways for growing babies to get the nutrition they need and it their educational campaigns help combat the common perception that formula may be a better alternative for developing infants.

Oral Cancer Foundation

VitaCup had the pleasure of hearing from the Oral Cancer Foundation when they reached out to us about providing donations towards their fundraising events.  We learned about how the US will see over 49 thousand cases of oral cancer including mouth tongue and throat cancer each year.   And we heard how their Director, Susan Laurie, was running the 501c3 nonprofit as a tribute to her brother, David, who lost his battle against oral cancer at the young age of 47.  Susan dedicated herself to making a difference to help others and improve the access to screening, education and research. 

Touched by her commitment to helping support research and screening, VitaCup decided to partnere with the Oral Cancer Foundation! The Oral Cancer Foundation mission is to reduce the incidence of oral cancer. They have the most most current and vetted scientific information about the disease in a central location, the OCF web site which has hundreds of pages of regularly reviewed pages on the disease, treatments, research, and much more. You can find more information about the foundation here:

If oral cancer is found quickly enough then it can be treated with an 80-90% survival rate.

At VitaCup we’re committed to finding new ways to do better!  Whether that’s finding a better way to take vitamins, a better way to recycle your single-serve pods, or a better way to give back and make a difference.  How do you make a difference in your world?  Tell us in the comments below!


I would love to try your coffee but I don’t use pods when I make coffee….just instant .


I just spent almost $400 and about four hours in shipping my freind a care package to halfway around the world. The main reason was for one bottle of vitamins. I wanted my freind to start taking vitamins. It took two weeks and many text’s and phone calls also to make sure the package got there. Now I’m so happy for her and she enjoys the vitamin too! We both now think it was well worth it!

Irwin Wei

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