15 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Under $30 That Inspire Wellness

15 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts Under $30 That Inspire Wellness

One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending some time thinking about what special gifts to give or moments to share with the people that mean the most to you. Even though it’s the most wonderful time of the year, from experiences to presents, this time of year can end up being costly. We’ve compiled a list of holiday gift ideas under $30 that are unique, thoughtful, and all inspire health and wellness for the person receiving it!

Giving awesome gifts doesn’t have to be expensive! The following list will help you inspire your loved ones to feel their best in 2019 (without spending an arm and a leg) and what’s a better gift than that?!

Vitamin-infused Coffees or Tea
VitaCup - a perfect gift idea for coffee loversNothing screams health and wellness more than a morning beverage that has your daily essential vitamins and superfoods infused into it. These blends were engineered to give you a convenient way to consume things like probiotics, collagen, MCT oil, and more, all in a delicious cup of coffee!  

Check it out for $25.00

Fun Quote Workout Duffel
A fun workout bag is a great gift idea for your fit friend. If you have to work out to be healthy, might as well have a really cute bag to go along with it! This duffel is perfect for yoga or gym visits and will inspire your loved one to get in their cardio and be rewarded with pizza as soon as it’s over…

Check it out for $19.99

Super Soothing Lip Ointment

Lip treatment gift idea is perfect during winter. Talk about dry weather. Winter is the cause of many a chapped lip, and (dare we say) some lip cuts! Keeping your lips hydrated and moisturized is essential during the holidays. This gift will keep lips happy, plump, and ready for that festive red shade they’re putting on for the holiday party!

Check it out for $15.00

Dry Skin Brush
A body brush or skin brush will be a great gift during dry winter days. Dry brushing is SUCH an amazing way to keep skin soft and glowing in the cold and dry winter time. Not only is it amazing for exfoliation, but it’s also a great way to detoxify by stimulating the lymphatic system and increasing circulation. Not only that, it feels awesome.  

Check it out for $9.95


Shea Butter Ornament Set
Shea Butter ornament sets are adorable and practical gift ideas. Great things come in cute packaging (or is that small packaging?). Regardless, the best way to finish off the dry brushing treatment from above is with a super moisturizing lotion. It’s not bad that it smells amazing as well! Shea butter is one of the best ingredients for soothing skin, so the recipient of this gift will feel totally rejuvenated after using it.  

Check it out for $14.00

Fill In The Blank Love Book
Fill in the blank love note gift idea. The perfect stocking stuffer for the one you love! It’s pint-sized but carries a lot of meaning. Fill in the blanks of this adorable ode to your significant other and they won’t be able to help but smile and appreciate the time and thought you put into it.

Check it out for

Mini Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential oil diffusers make a perfect holiday gift idea.Diffusers with relaxing essential oils, like lavender and eucalyptus, are one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day and settle into “unwind mode.” Aromatherapy makes your space smell amazing and is also known to beneficial for sleep. This small diffuser fits anywhere and is super easy to use!

Check it out for

Coffee Before Talkie Socks
Cute novelty coffee socks are a great gift idea for your coffee lover.Need we say more? These silly socks will keep your loved one cozy AND help them properly communicate their feelings early in the morning. You can never have too many pairs of warm, cuddly socks and these are the perfect stuffer for the coffee lover in your life.

Check it out for $14.00

Face Mask & Exfoliating Pad Set
Face masks and exfoliating scrub packs are a great gift idea.Yes, more skin and more exfoliating. What can we say? It’s winter and that’s a great time for people to pamper themselves. These bad boys do double duty for the face and neck with pads to exfoliate for a good glow and masks to hydrate to plump up the skin. If your pal loves a good spa day, you can help them have one at home.

Check it out for

Holiday Scented Candle
A holiday scented candle is a classic gift idea.Scent is very closely tied to mood and who doesn’t love the smell of the holidays? This elegant, hand-poured candle transports anyone to the land of the jolly with festive notes of Siberian fir, cinnamon bark, and golden raspberry. Put your loved one in a good mood and bring their home into the holiday spirit.

Check it out for

Need Coffee Sleep Mask
A coffee themed sleep mask is a awesome gift idea.Sleep is truly the key to well-being and eye masks are an awesome way to encourage those you love to sleep longer and better. It doesn’t hurt that the mask is also adorable and highly accurate. This silky gift will make the morning of any highly caffeinated princess.

Check it out for $15.95

5-Minute Journal
This 5 minutes a day journal and notebook will make a wonderful gift.Writing down things you’re grateful for every single day is proven to boost mood and make you a happier person. Focusing on the positive over the negative isn’t always easy, but this prompted journal can certainly help. This journal is the simplest way to start the day with a happy positive outlook.

Check it out for $22.95


Lavender Bath Soak
Lavender body scrub is a luxurious holiday gift idea. Baths alone are the perfect way to unwind, de-stress, and warm up in the winter, but adding salts to the water take it to another level for many reasons. This lavender soak adds an element of aromatherapy with its soothing scent and also helps to detoxify the body while you relax. Once the eyes are closed, your loved one will drift into bliss, and they’ll have you to thank!

Check it out for

Sleep Tight Essential Oils
These bath soaks are a great idea for a gift this holiday. The perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your life, this travel set of linen sprays and an aromatherapy rollerball is the perfect way to feel relaxed and at home while on an airplane or in a hotel. Calming scents like lavender and chamomile will help to improve sleep, too!

Check it out for

Kitchen Herb Garden
An indoor DIY herb garden is a delicious and delightful gift idea.What could make someone happier than growing their own herbs in their kitchen? Saving your loved ones a trip to the store and the satisfaction of using something they grew themselves in their recipes is a gift enough, but once they taste this fresh basil, cilantro, and mint, they won’t ever want store bought again! This is the perfect gift for those who love gardening, cooking, or DIY projects.

Check it out for $24.99

We think gifts for happiness, self-care, and wellness are the perfect way to go this holiday season, and keeping the wallet happy with these affordable (yet awesome) options is the cherry on top. Not to mention, many of these gifts available on Amazon make perfect last-minute ideas for those of you procrastinators. What do you think of our list? Share with us in the comments below!

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