Why Your College Student Needs VitaCup

Why Your College Student Needs VitaCup

Ah, college. When you look back you mostly remember the good times, but it's easy to forget just how much work college REALLY is. College is usually where we get our first taste of all nighters; working through night and into the morning to hit a deadline, finish a paper, or cram for a test. And it's also one of the first places we get introduced to a regular regimen of caffeinated products. 

We have a lot of college students that come to us to help them get their extra boost that increases their focus, energy and keeps them balanced at the same time. Don't let your college student turn to sugary energy drinks because they are the most convenient late-night option.  Take a look at what college kids are already saying about the benefits of VitaCup!

Reasons College Students Love VitaCup

  1. The Quality - there are top quality vitamins and premium Arabica coffee in each cup. They can rely on a consistently great cup of coffee and the added vitamin benefits. 
  2. Coffee Shops Aren't Open All Night - while there can be a few exceptions to this rule, most coffee shops usually close in the evening. If you're living on campus and relying on the commons, you'll be disappointed that they don't keep brewing as long as you keep studying.  The convenience of being able to make a cup while you're toiling away at your term paper makes a huge difference. 
  3. It Saves Money - college students can spend their food allowance picking up coffee at the local coffee shop or they can save money by purchasing their coffee to brew themselves.  While comparing one cup may not initially seem like a huge difference, consider what 2 cups a day for several days could add up to! 
  4. Because You Love Your College Kid - nothing is more comforting than a hug in a mug. Giving premium quality coffee that provides sustainable energy shows you care. 
  5. They're Recyclable - Many colleges and students alike are trying to reduce their environmental footprint. Selecting a Keurig® compatible cup that is 100% recyclable helps the students and the campus to meet their eco-conscious goals without sacrificing convenience. 
  6. BPA Free - A lot of students are aware that cutting out toxic plastics like BPA based plastics helps our environment and our health. 
  7. Wattage Restrictions - VitaCup brewers are a low wattage option that meets wattage requirements in most student housing areas. Not every room is set up for high voltage electronics, and these brewers mean that your student can brew right where they wake up and spend their late nights studying.
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