5 Nutrition Tips From a RD to Look and Feel Your Best

5 Nutrition Tips From a RD to Look and Feel Your Best

Many of us know that the way you look on the outside usually begins with the way you treat your inside. Diet and nutrition are each essential parts of the way you look, and more importantly, how you feel on a daily basis. These necessary building blocks, combined with exercise and mental self-care, can be the keys needed to reach overall success in one's health goals.

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), my passion for nutrition and the way it relates to health always enters into my decision making process for how I choose to eat and prepare foods for myself and how I direct my clients to eat and prepare their foods. The following tips can be used by any person to assist them in making choices to benefit their health and nutrition goals and make them look and feel wonderful.


1. Get Your Essential Vitamins

Vitamins and nutrients play a huge role in the way your body operates, and therefore, they way you look and feel. Eating the right foods is the best way to get your necessary intake of vitamins, but sometimes that isn’t an option. A great way to get your vitamins, when you can’t with food, is to supplement with something you love that has been fortified with vitamins, like VitaCup’s Vitamin-Infused Coffees and Tea.   

2. Give Up Sugary Beverages

Substitute these unhealthy options with unsweetened teas, coffees, or seltzer water. Sprucing up your favorite bubbly waters with lemons, fruits, or natural additions like that are a delicious way to get that refreshing and satisfying taste you’re looking for.

3. Spice It Up Without Adding Salt

Salt is not the only spice on the shelf that can take your food from boring to mouthwatering! A little bit of salt is good in your diet; a lot of salt = sodium overload, which is NOT healthy. Be adventurous and test out other powerful spices and herbs, like peppercorn, paprika, cumin, and turmeric. Spices like turmeric are packed with flavor and they’re loaded with tons of additional health benefits. Win-win! 

4. Don’t Skip Meals

Each meal of the day serves a different purpose and is important for your body. Breakfast is especially important for your body because it breaks your fast of the night and prepares your body for the day ahead. It also helps to set the tone of your day to encourage you to continue eating healthy for the remainder of the day. Getting all 3 meals (plus snacks) throughout the day gives you more opportunities to make sure your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs and to develop a healthy eating routine.

5. Use the “My Plate Method”

When you are planning out or making your meals, think about your plate in sections. Half of your plate should include vegetables and fruit, one quarter should include protein, and the last quarter should include grains. 

Bonus tip: try to make sure your grains are whole grains to include more fiber in your diet (which assists in digestive health)! This method is easily attainable and can be used by anyone looking to consume a balanced diet.

These five tips are the perfect intro to healthy eating and nutrition. There are a number of other dietary recommendations I make based on a client’s specific health goals, restrictions, and history; however, mastering the tips above is an essential foundation for future healthy eating routines.

Do you have specific nutrition questions? I’m here to help!  Leave your questions in the comments below and I'll answer in future posts or reach out to you directly!

- Brianna Harris, RD (Chief Vitamin Officer at VitaCup, Inc.)


Please.. I need to sweeten my coffee at least. I’ve tried everything. All the drops, honey and molasses. I’m using sweet leaf packets so far that’s the best tasting sweetener. . Maybe 2 packs a day.. is this ok or is there anything else you suggest.
Thank you! Mary Ann Lane

Mary Ann Lane

I a type 2 diabetic – I try to watch my diet sometimes I think I restrict too much on food in take. I have just started the tea how much is a good amount a I rink tea also in the evenings or afternoons.

Wanda Nance

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