7 Ingredients that Help You Spring Back After Celebrating

7 Ingredients that Help You Spring Back After Celebrating

Celebrating holidays, birthdays, and maybe just a fun night out with friends and family can be super fun while it is happening, with plenty of good food and drinks. Sometimes the activity leaves you zapped, and the day after can drag. Feeling your best the next day can be difficult, but there are some surprisingly natural ways to get yourself back in the groove before you know it.

Here are some healthy ingredients we love to help us spring back to health after celebrating:


Ginger has been used for many years in both ancient and modern medicine as an effective cure for nausea, as well as a multitude of other symptoms. Try adding ginger to a smoothie or having a cup of ginger tea to settle a queasy stomach. [1]


Honey has a high fructose content and because of this may help ease discomfort from some hangover symptoms. [2] Even though the research on this subject is limited, some studies have shown that honey may be able to increase the rate your body processes alcohol by up to 32%. [3,4] Definitely, not just a sweet treat!

B Vitamins

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that while you are having all that fun out on the town you are losing vital vitamins, nutrients, and becoming dehydrated. B Vitamins play a crucial role in effective brain and nervous system function. [5] Next time you feel a little down, try having a cup of one of VitaCup's Essential Blends, full of all the powerful B vitamins you could need to perk yourself up!


Many people have touted that eating crackers while not feeling well is a great way to settle an upset stomach, but do you know why? Crackers are a tasty snack jam-packed with fast acting carbs that can quickly raise your blood sugar and help kick those pesky hangover symptoms.

Green Tea

Studies have shown that Green Tea may be a useful addition in helping your body process excess levels of alcohol. Specifically, ECGC, a compound in Matcha, can help with increased metabolization of alcohol. [6] You can read more about ECGC here! Tea is also a diuretic, so make sure you follow up Green Tea with a glass of water as well.

VitaCup’s Green Tea contains Matcha, Moringa, and B vitamins to provide a delicious and well rounded Green Tea. Get yours here!


One of the side effects of alcohol consumption can be lowered levels of Potassium. Avocados, while being a yummy treat on their own, are especially delicious on toast. Here are some great healthy breakfast ideas that feature avocados! A study done in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that Avocados could also have a powerful ability to protect the liver from injury. So get to eating those Avocados! [7]


Coffee may do more for you than wake you up. A study in 2014 Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology found that coffee might be good for your liver and help reduce the risk of chronic liver disease. [8]  If you’re going to drink coffee for the health benefits, why not double down with coffee that has been infused with additional vitamins and superfoods? VitaCup’s infused brews are the perfect way to upgrade your regular cup of joe.

Do you use any of these ingredients daily? Did you know they were really secretly superpower ingredients?

VitaCup encourages you to drink responsibly, always use a designated driver, and know when to say when.




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