How to Make Iced Coffee with VitaCup

How to Make Iced Coffee with VitaCup

VitaCup is here to teach you how to make iced coffee using our delicious vitamin infused coffee! Getting started is easy, you only need a few things!

Ingredients & Gear You'll Need:

  • VitaCup French Vanilla Coffee pod
  • desire for coffee
  • a mug for the hot brew
  • a larger cup of your choosing
  • ice to put in the cup
  • a functioning single-serve pod compatible brewing system

Steps to Prepare:

  1. Brew your favorite VitaCup in a warm beverage mug
  2. Let the mug cool slightly
  3. Prepare your iced coffee cup
  4. Pour warm coffee over ice
  5. Add creamers or sweetener to taste

During these hot months of summer, an iced cup of coffee is the perfect way to cool off and beat the heat.  VitaCup has got your back! VitaCup is perfect for making an iced coffee during the hot summer months when a warm drink may not be as welcome. Iced coffee with VitaCup is great because it is killing three birds with one stone. Not only are you getting your fix of coffee and staying cool, but you are also consuming essential daily vitamins and antioxidants!

Our French Vanilla flavor is perfect for the summer because of it’s sweet vanilla flavor. We like to boast that that our French Vanilla has zero calories! Our French Vanilla mild but sumptuous vanilla combines with the and rich coffee flavor don’t get too watered down, even after it’s poured over ice.

Fun Iced Coffee Facts!

The largest iced coffee ever was brewed in Las Vegas coming in at 1,500 gallons! Although that might be a bit too much, we do agree with their choice of drink! A cup or a couple cups of iced VitaCup French Vanilla coffee will leave you feeling cooler, energized, and sufficient in daily vitamins!

Iced coffee was first introduced in the mid 19th century in Algeria with a chilled coffee drink called Mazagran. Mazagran was prepared with coffee syrup and cold water that was most likely created in Algeria when the French Foreign Legion was participating in the siege of Mazagran and they wanted to counter the heat. Soldiers brought their new beverage of choice back to Paris where it came into fashion, usually served in tall glasses. This paved the way for coffee companies in the later parts of the 20th century to introduce and sell iced coffee.

Now iced coffee is a part of the American DNA, too. A study in 2013 showed that 20% of all Americans were drinking iced coffee. The cold coffee demand has increased dramatically, and the same study in 2016 showed that number increases to 34% for Gen-Xers, but 66% of millennials drink iced coffee. With this kind of popularity it’s the hottest beverage around to keep you cool.

VitaCup will add a vitamin boost to your usual cup of iced coffee. We hope you indulge in the drink of the summer. Coffee, a super charged beverage for all seasons!


How many cups can you drink a day

Robin Farnell

How many cups can you drink a day

Robin Farnell

How many cups can you drink a day

Robin Farnell

I like strong coffee and much prefer to brew my own from fresh beans. I do not have a kuerig and do not want to purchase one. Do you sell beans??

Thank you!!
Karen Petty


What if you don’t have a coffee maker that uses the pods


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