VitaCup Gives Back - How We're Helping Every Day

VitaCup Gives Back - How We're Helping Every Day

VitaCup is committed to making a difference every day, and we do it in a couple of ways. First, we're helping thousands of people get more energy every morning by infusing vitamins into delicious coffee and tea. Secondly, we're committed to making ourselves, and our communities, better every single day.  We're so grateful to have the most amazing customers ever, and they share amazing causes and community events with us, so we can support them, too. Learn about our ongoing commitments to our partner charity, how we're surprising and fueling first responders, and what we're doing for your favorite community groups and charities below:


VitaCup has an ongoing commitment to Vitamin Angels charity who helps to provide critical vitamins to under-nourished children around the world. A part of our proceeds go to their charity, and every purchase you make helps us to make a difference with vulnerable populations.  


We walked around our communities and found some firefighters that were making a difference. We were proud to provide donations of pods and brewers to two local fire stations in our neighborhood.

We visited Fire Station 22 San Diego who recently opened up their new fire station, and undoubtedly needed a new coffee maker and coffee pods to help keep them fueled up. They are often first responders to people who have emergencies in the beautiful, but sometimes dangerous cliffs near the beaches and perform frequent rescues. We are so grateful for them!

VitaCup visits Fire Station 22 in San Diego.

We stopped by to visit the Federal Fire Station 110 San Diego on Naval Base Point Loma. They help protect an area that includes a national cemetery with some of our most revered servicemembers including several medal of honor recipients. They said it was "like Christmas" and were so excited to find their favorite in their giant basket of pods, they even turned on the engine's lights!


We hear from people in the community who are doing great things, and can use a little boost to keep doing the great things that they do.  Since we love helping give people an extra little boost, our donations helped to make a difference for a lot of amazing causes and community groups:  


Doing good feels good, and we hope that you'll pass it on. We hope you'll go out and do something to make a difference in your community, by using what you do every day in a selfless way.  Is there something great you're doing? Tell us about it, and maybe we can help you, too.

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