Learn All About Matcha - What's the Big Deal?

Learn All About Matcha - What's the Big Deal?

What’s the big deal about Matcha?

You may have been familiar with pictures of this bright green powder that Social Media stars love, but do you know what it does?

The Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is a ground leaf, and it retains more of Green Tea's beneficial compounds called catechins, an essential type of antioxidant. Matcha tea works wonderfully well in providing a calming effect on the body.  It’s also been shown to increase metabolism and suppress hunger, and some research even suggests that matcha can reduce the risk of depression.

On top of being a wonderful calming agent, Matcha contains a class of antioxidants called catechins which scientists believe to have a cancer-fighting effect on the body.

Matcha is super unique as the harvesting of matcha is done by hand to ensure the best selection of the youngest and smallest leaves for the most excellent quality tea. The matcha tea then undergoes ultra-fine milling by using granite stone resulting in a beautiful green powder which is the raw material for our VitaCup Green Tea.

The Flavor of Matcha

Matcha by itself has an earthy flavor that some describe as mossy or spinach-like, but that’s also part of the draw of it for some people, providing an umami flavor that hits all parts of the palate.  This complex flavor profile is why it is featured in a lot of food items like Green Tea Ice Cream and Matcha Macarons.

Matcha's Beauty Secrets

Not only is Matcha good for your insides, but for your outsides too! Matcha can clear and even out your complexion. Chlorophyll is produced in matcha during the last few weeks of its growing time by covering the leaves and protecting them from the sun right before harvest. This is also what turns the matcha that vivid green color. It’s the chlorophyll that makes matcha a great option if you want to detox your skin.

Chlorophyll cleanses your skin of toxins and then protects it against chemicals or impurities that would threaten to clog your pores and leave your skin vulnerable to blemishes and discoloration. Kick back with a matcha face mask this summer and and your neighbors will be green with Matcha envy.

Matcha also helps fight puffiness. Matcha can help to reduce puffiness because it contains vitamin K, which can both lessen inflammation and those dark circles you get under your eyes.

Why Matcha Is a Perfect Summer Drink

We use Matcha in our green tea in combination with other B vitamins and Moringa to provide relaxation in addition to immune support. This is perfect to use in a summertime refreshment drink like we did with our Green Tea Ginger Lemonade!

If you want to try and give Matcha a try, whether it is inside or out, like many others have, give VitaCup Green Tea a try as it is the perfect summertime drink!

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The things I learn. All this time I thought it was just a Sweet green tea, like southern Sweet tea!!!

Larry Gilman

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