Romantic Breakfast Tricks & Tips

Romantic Breakfast Tricks & Tips

If you are like many of us, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you might not have any ideas to make this year a special one. Making a romantic breakfast is a sweet and often inexpensive way to show loved ones how special they are this Valentine's Day. Here are some easy tips and tricks to change an average Valentine's Day Breakfast to one that your loved one will cherish for holidays to come.

  1. Pick A Great Tray

Making sure not to drop your carefully and lovingly made breakfast on the floor is the first step in creating a successful breakfast memory. If you don’t have a breakfast tray already, pick one up beforehand to make carrying your breakfast easier and provide a way to display your masterpiece.

  1. Keep It Simple

Providing your loved one with a huge bouquet of their favorite flowers is a sweet gesture; although, simply placing a singular flower in a vase is more budget-friendly, just as thoughtful, and is a less overwhelming, perfect accent on a breakfast tray!

  1. Make Your Coffee Special

Instead of making a regular cup of coffee, try something different. Go out of your way to get their favorite barista-made cup from your local coffee shop or brew a mug of coffee that is good for them, and tastes delicious, too! For a warm morning jumpstart, try our Genius Blend Bagged, Ground Coffee - your loved one will thank you for it. Or, if you’re feeling spunky, check out our Love Buzz coffee cocktail recipe!

  1. Try A Healthier Alternative

While pancakes or waffles might be more mainstream breakfast items, try swapping these classic choices with something healthier, like avocado toast. For more easy and delicious breakfast ideas, click here!

  1. Turn On Some Tunes

Music is a free, but powerful way to set the mood and add romance to your breakfast. Choose a playlist that isn’t overpowering, but creates a happy vibe. Check out our acoustic Valentine’s Day playlist for a little inspiration ( can even take credit for creating it!).

  1. Light Up A Candle

Sure, the morning light is gorgeous on its own, but everyone loves a good candle. Not only are candles great for adding a little sparkle to the mood, but indulging every sense (including smell) is a plus. Get a naturally scented candle to create a perfectly subtle aroma in the air, without being overwhelming. Scents like vanilla, amber, and rose tend to be romantic.

  1. Splurge On New Sheets Or Luxurious Throw

While this might not be an easy day-of purchase, if you are able to buy new sheets or a soft, comfy blanket to make your breakfast in bed cozier - go for it! Who doesn’t love feeling pampered with soft textures and fabrics?

Hopefully, your romantic breakfast will be a success with these tips and tricks! Although, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with those you love, so don’t get too hung up on the details. Showing thought goes a long way on the day of love, so get out there and show you care! 

Did we miss anything? Share your ideas for a romantic breakfast for two in the comments below!

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