Why Take Vitamin B1?

Why Take Vitamin B1?

B1, also known as thiamine or thiamin, is one of the most important of the eight recognized B vitamins. As a rule, B vitamins help the body convert carbs into glucose, thereby supplying the body with plenty of energy for the day. B1 is incredibly important and provides a host of benefits that can boost wellness and overall health.

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Physical benefits: B1 has been shown to strengthen the immune system and make the body more resistant to the physical side effects of stress. It also helps combat nausea, headaches, and abdominal discomfort. B1 helps the body convert carbohydrates to energy, and even supports the body’s ability to process alcohol.

More recently the medical community has noted the role of B1 in protecting the myelin sheath. What is the myelin sheath?  It's the layer that pads your nerves and helps to pass nerve signals through the body. 

Mood benefits: B1 has been called an “anti-stress” vitamin, in that it has been shown to fight against irritability, fatigue, depression, and even confusion in some patients. One double blind study showed a positive contribution to reaction times and participants self reported being more energetic, composed and clearheaded. 

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Who should take B1: Everyone should ensure they get enough B1 (thiamine) in their diet, but there are some populations who will find B1 supplements especially helpful. Heavy drinkers should include B1 in their daily regimen since B1 absorption can be compromised with prolonged alcohol usage. Multiple Sclerosis patients found improved energy by introducing more B1 into their diet. There is some correlation with low B1 levels and Alzheimers, although there's no proven causality; but since thiamine absorption becomes more difficult as you age, B1 should be a part of any mature adult's regular routine. Those with heart conditions often have a thiamine deficiency, and anyone with a history of heart issues should consider a B1 supplement. 

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What do you think?  Do you take B1 for your health?  Let us know in the comments below! 



Jun 09, 2017 • Posted by Jan

I take a Senior Women’s Multi vitamin….is it safe to add with the vitamin infused coffee pods? I am also diabetic II

Jun 05, 2017 • Posted by Lauren Schepman

Do you have the actual dosages of each individual VITAMIN somewhere on your website.

A small sample pack would be helpful. Maybe even free samples?

May 08, 2017 • Posted by Teresa etter

Do you charge my credit card every month ! And what if I don’t like it !

May 07, 2017 • Posted by Abelina Whitby

Is it good for people with diabetes .

May 01, 2017 • Posted by Christine

Do I need a special coffee pot for the pods, like a keurig

May 01, 2017 • Posted by Christine

Do I need a special coffee pot for the pods, like a keurig

Apr 19, 2017 • Posted by Sherie

Do you offer samples for people to try the taste out before purchasing?

Thank you.

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