Benefit of B1 for Health

Why Take Vitamin B1?

B1, also known as thiamine or thiamin, is one of the most important of the eight recognized B vitamins. As a rule, B vitamins help the body convert carbs into glucose, thereby supplying the body with plenty of energy for the day. B1 is incredibly important and provides a host of benefits that can boost wellness and overall health.

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Physical benefits: B1 helps the body convert carbohydrates to energy, and helps your body get the energy you need. 

More recently the medical community has noted the role of B1 in protecting the myelin sheath. What is the myelin sheath?  It's the layer that pads your nerves and helps to pass nerve signals through the body. 

Mood benefits: One double blind study showed a positive contribution to reaction times and participants self reported being more energetic, composed and clearheaded. 

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Who should take B1: Everyone should ensure they get enough B1 (thiamine) in their diet, but there are some populations who will find B1 supplements especially helpful.  Thiamine absorption becomes more difficult as you age, B1 should be a part of any mature adult's regular routine.  

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What do you think?  Do you take B1 for your health?  Let us know in the comments below! 



Iv been wanting to check this vitamin out but never got around to it my DR. said after taking a blood test that I was really low of this vitamin in my system and prescribed me these b1thymine I have very bad depression and anxiety and when I started taking them about a week or so later I caught myself doing things that Iv been wanting to get done around the house they helped my anxiety I thinkbecause I was doing more and felt more like I used to.Since taking b1 I only went in depression 1 or 2 times compaired to 3 or so a week! So I only have good things to say about it also I was so low of the b1 she insisted to go get shots to get it back up but I didn’t ant to do it that way cause Iam allergic to some things so I take the vitamin by mouth wish they have found this out a long time ago it sure would of beed a whole lot less depression and anxiety attacks!!

Jamie Craig

I take a Senior Women’s Multi vitamin….is it safe to add with the vitamin infused coffee pods? I am also diabetic II


Do you have the actual dosages of each individual VITAMIN somewhere on your website.

A small sample pack would be helpful. Maybe even free samples?

Lauren Schepman

Do you charge my credit card every month ! And what if I don’t like it !

Teresa etter

Is it good for people with diabetes .

Abelina Whitby

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