Summer Menu Roundup with Coffee Cocktail Pairings

Summer Menu Roundup with Coffee Cocktail Pairings

Summer is almost gone, but don't be blue. Labor Day weekend is one of the best times for BBQ fun with the family. Whether you're in the country or by the beach, it's a wonderful time to get together around the grill and cook up some good old fashioned fun. 

To help give you some inspiration for your get together, we've paired some of our favorite summer time recipes with cocktails that are perfect for your Labor Day line-up; and for a bonus, check out our desserts at the end, too. 

Pairing 1 - Appetizers 

Meatballs and a Tequila coffee drink?  YES!  

Meatballs are great to prepare the night before and warm up or put in a crock-pot to keep it ready for hungry guests when they arrive.  To make sure everyone's got plenty of energy, they can use some coffee to perk them up and some delicious, smoky meatballs that pair well with the rich flavors in the tequila drink.  

Coffee Meatballs 

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Mexican Coffee Spiked Tequila Drink

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Pairing 2 - Circle Around The BBQ

Now that your energy is up and you have a little bit in your belly, it's time to get to work. Break out your rum and get your tropical cocktail together with our Coffee Infused Tiki Drink so that you have an icy, cool cocktail while you tend the grill until your scrumptious coffee BBQ sauced goodies are perfect on the grill. 

Coffee BBQ Sauce

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Tiki Cocktail

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Pairing 3 - Satisfying Sides

Once you've got your BBQ off the grill, it's time to pile on some of your favorite sides. We love this coffee infused tahini sweet potato mash as a healthier and more nutritious replacement to regular mashed potatoes that shouldn't have to wait until Thanksgiving to make an appearance on your dinner table. We love how it tastes with the light and refreshing sparkling ginger and lemongrass green tea lemonade. 

Tahini Sweet Potato Mash with Coffee Glaze

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Sparkling Green Tea Ginger & Lemongrass Lemonade

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No great holiday get-together or Barbeque would be complete without some sweets to end the day.  We have you covered with our favorite sweets to indulge in: Green Tea Ice Cream and Coffee Mug Brownies.  Green Tea ice cream is perfect in the heat of the day, and coffee mug brownies are a nice turn down treat as you watch a movie at the end of your festive celebration. 

Green Tea Ice Cream

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Coffee Mug Brownies

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So what are your favorite dishes for Labor day weekend?  We want to know!  Comment in the post below and we might just do a new fresh coffee spin on your favorite classic! 

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