VitaCup Milestone Year In Review - A 2018 Retrospective

VitaCup Milestone Year In Review - A 2018 Retrospective

As we head into a New Year, it's a great time to both set new goals and reflect on the accomplishments and milestones of the year that is ending. Taking stock of your accomplishments can increase your sense of gratitude and happiness. It can also power your belief in yourself, seeing how much you can overcome in the face of adversity or remembering your own strengths that you would have otherwise forgotten. We are often mightier than we realize; and a retrospective of the prior year can really illustrate our own personal super-powers.

So, at VitaCup, we wanted to look back on 2018 and take stock of our accomplishments and milestones to share with you.

  • We turned 1 year old in April.
  • We've had over 290,000 customers online who ordered over 450,000  items in their orders.
  • We launched a loyalty program, VitaCup Rewards with nearly 15,000 Rewards members who have earned enough rewards points for 2,860 free boxes of VitaCup or these customers could redeem their points for a value of $71,500 off orders.
  • We launched 3 New Flavors!
  • We had a bracket contest in March to find out your favorite flavor. After a tough match, we declared that Genius Blend is the favorite flavor, beating out Breakfast Blend for the title.
  • We updated our old packages twice.  See the progression of our packages.
    VitaCup boxes at the beginning of 2018
    VitaCup Boxes mid-year 2018.
    VitaCup's Newest Boxes for end of year 2018.

It's so amazing to look back on our growth and celebrate our accomplishments. We hope you'll spend some time making a list of everything you've accomplished and realize how amazing you truly are. We do believe that, because without YOU none of our accomplishments would have been possible.

Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2019! Happy New Year from VitaCup!


This coffee is great. I enjoy the Genius blend most mornings and it really helps me with the brain fog I experience with my Rheumatoid arthritis. I did not realize how much until I drank a different coffee this morning and I honestly felt like I spent the day crawling through mud. I could not figure out what happened until my husband asked if I drank another type of coffee. Yep that was it. I am sold on this coffee now even more than before. Tastes great and helps with brain fog. Thanks for creating this blend.

Deborah S. Lask

VitaCup is so delicious. I’ve been drinking it for months now, it’s great. When I went to Colorado Springs, CO (for the holidays) I had to have some delivered to me in Colorado. Now whenever I go out of town I’ll take the pods with me. That’s how much I enjoy your coffee. I love it.

Erlinda Acuna

Vitacup coffee is very healthy for me!! I drink it three times a week and I love the taste. Thanks Vitacup..

Vernessa Jones

I ordered the Genius Blend in ordered to get a healthier cup of coffee, with the added supplements. Little did I know that I was also getting the best tasting coffee I have ever had.
Thanks So Much

Ken McIntosh

I love genius blend does it make you loose weight .I don’t feel that hungry


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